Martin Cave
Martin Cave is a regulatory  economist specialising in competition law and in the network industries, including  airports, broadcasting, energy, posts, railways, telecommunications and water. He has published extensively in these fields, and has held professorial positions at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK, and the Department of Economics, Brunel University, UK.
In 2010/11, Martin held the BP Centennial Chair at the London School of Economics, based in the Department of Law. He is now Visiting Professor in the same Department.
From January 2012 to January 2018 he was successively a Deputy Chair of the Competition Commission and a Deputy Panel Chair of the Competition and Markets Authority.
His contributions to competition and regulatory economics cover a variety of topics, including particularly the role of unbundling in network industries (and of the ‘ladder of investment’), policy towards the separation of utilities,  and the use of market methods in application to the allocation of inputs to firms, especially spectrum and water abstraction rights, and the application of competition law, and analysis of platform markets.

He has provided expert advice to governments, competition authorities, regulators and firms around the world, focussing particularly upon the communications industries. This work has included reviews of spectrum policies for the Governments of Australia, Canada and the UK; advice on market analysis and access remedies to a large number of regulators in Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America, including the European Commission. He has provided advice and expert testimony in competition and sector-specific regulatory proceedings to a number of major international firms in Asia, Australasia and Europe.

He has also advised UK ministers in many sectors in the UK and elsewhere on matters relating to the water sector, housing, legal services and airports, and advised regulators in the railway and energy sectors.

In 2009 he was awarded the OBE for public service.