Martin Cave
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Martin has consulted widely for governments, competition authorities, regulatory agencies and firms.

His assignments for public bodies include:


Adviser on regulation to the Hooper review of the future of the Royal Mail, April 2008-February 2009.

Appointed by the Secretary of State for Transport to chair an expert panel on airport regulation, April 2008-November 2009.

Appointed by the Chancellor of Exchequer and Secretary of State for the Environment to undertake a review of competition and innovation in the UK water industry, March 2008-April 2009

Adviser to Industry Canada on spectrum policy, 2007

Appointed by the Secretary of State, Department of Communities and Local Government to undertake review of the regulation of social housing, 2006-7

Special adviser to European Commissioner Viviane Reding on the reform of telecommunications regulation, 2006

Appointed by Chancellor of Exchequer to conduct review of major spectrum holdings, December 2004 - November 2005.

Adviser to Lord Chancellor’s Department on legal deregulation 2004-5.

Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board (OSAB),  Member, 2004-07.

Ofcom: Economic Advisor, 2003 to 2007

DEFRA regulatory task force, member, 2003

OFWAT Non-Executive Advisory Director, 2002 -2006

Appointed by Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry to prepare an independent report on spectrum management, March 2001 – March 2002

Postal Services Commission: Adviser 2000-2007.

Civil Aviation Authority,  Adviser 2000-2003.

Spectrum Management Advisory Group, DTI, member from 1999-2003

French Ministry of Finance (1999) Member, Groupe d’Expertise, electricity grid pricing.

UK Competition Commission Member (1996-2002).

Office of Utility Regulation ( Jamaica) Economic Adviser (1998-2000).

OFGAS (1994 – 1999) Member of OFGAS Panel of Economic Experts, to advise the Director General of Gas Supply on a variety of economic issues relating to regulation of the industry.

Office of Fair Trading (1990-1992 and 1995-9) Acted as Broadcasting Adviser to the Office of Fair Trading in matters relating to the regulation of networking arrangements for the television industry (1990 to 1992). Adviser on BSkyB Inquiry (from 1995-96). Expert witness for DGFT (1998-1999).

French Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (1991)  Member, Groupe d’Expertise – advisory committee on universal service and interconnection.

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (1993-1996). Adviser to the Ministry on appropriate procedures for tendering for the decommissioning of the fishing fleet.

HM Treasury (1986-1990) Economic Adviser undertaking advisory work on a consultancy basis for the Public Enterprise Analytical Unit and the Economics of Industry Division involving participation in the design of regulatory regimes for the water and electricity supply industries during privatisation.  Secretary to an Inter-Departmental Group reviewing the discount rate and rates of return in the public sector.

Home Office (1985-1986)  Consultant to the Committee on financing the BBC, chaired by Sir Alan Peacock.  Advice on cost and revenues.